Game of Thrones Monopoly? Throneopoly!

by admin on May 31, 2011

Lord of the Rings Monopoly is so yesterday! Today’s hot thing is the Game of Thrones monopoly proposition by some very die-hard A song of Ice and Fire fans. The aim is simple – keep out of the Wall and collect as many castles as you can.


Game of Thrones board game

Got Monopoly? Throneopoly! Source


The people behind this dream-come-true are io9, a fiction, science-fiction and future blog/online magazine/community which commissioned John Pedigo to design the game, along with input from different fans.

Here’s a Community Chest Fund and Chance cards taster:

Game of Thrones Monopoly cards


Game of Thrones Monopoly cards



And here are some game pieces – both player pieces and the farmhouse/inn (house/hotel) pieces:


Game of Thrones Monopoly pieces

Game of Thrones Monopoly pieces. Source


This rather humorous adaptation of Monopoly is, however, funny, also possibly one of the distinguishing marks of a true fan community. Big thumbs up to io9 for taking this step!

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