Thursday Readup: Geography of Westeros

by admin on June 9, 2011

Since I cannot ever possibly expect to cover all the possible topics on Game of Thrones myself, I’ve decided to set up Thursday Readups, a weekly digest of interesting articles related to a particular theme. Rather than throwing in loads of links, I’m going to try and read through about three different but related articles every time, and then join them together into one related post.

The size of Westeros is a good place to start to give an idea of the scale of the story in Game of Thrones.

George R. R. Martin’s Westeros versus Europe in size is an interesting post to start with. We see that Westeros ranges from the North end of Norway to Gibraltar, and is pretty thick as well. One reads, however, that in truth Westeros is the size of South America.  Here’s  a more detailed analysis of the story in relation to the size of Westeros.

Some people have likened Westeros to Britain, however in the comments section of the above post, as well as in this forum post about Westeros’ similarity to Medieval England we see that Westeros is indeed similar to Great Britain in that it lies to the West of an even larger landmass, but also that it is way larger than Great Britain. The size could be more likened to Europe. Also we see in the forum link how while Westeros does resemble medieval England in some ways, the links are never as direct and simple as they look. Some liken the Vale, for instance to Switzerland rather than to any location in Great Britain, while others compare the whole thing to a range of different environments, from the North being like Scandinavia and the Dorne  looking like North Africa. One should notice the fact that King’s Landing was filmed in Malta, which looks very Mediterranean.

The argument is well worth reading…

I’m tempted to make a decent size post about the different climates of Westeros, and perhaps another couple of one regarding film location & the place in the story , and about different cultures. Lots of ideas, but so little time!

I will leave you with a nice map of Westeros for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of the Cartographers’ Guild

Map of Westeros


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