Gate of the Red Keep – A rough sketch

by admin on June 13, 2011

So I’ve been stuck with very little time to do anything useful these last few days, and I decided to join up two things I like – doing quick (read impatient) sketches, and Game of Thrones. Add the fact that I’m Maltese, and the Red Keep Gate is filemd in Malta, and here you have a quick, incomplete and preliminary sketch in pencil, Faber-Castell ‘indelible’ (cos it’s not indelible) 0.5mm pen and some watercolours. The result is…messy, but it’s better than not trying. I’m going to try and complete it, perhaps tomorrow, and in any case I will be reattempting it again, with hopefully better results!

Red Keep Gate - Forti Ricasoli, Malta

Red Keep Gate - Forti Ricasoli, Malta

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