Back after a long break

by admin on April 8, 2012

Season Two has been here for a week and I haven’t posted a thing since September! I’ve been kept busy by work, moving, and working hard on my degree, and I’ve shamefully left this blog hanging. I haven’t been totally idle though, since I’ve been through almost the whole set of books (from A Game of Thrones to a Feast for Crows). If you haven’t yet read them I suggest you do: they’re awesome!


So what did I think of the first episode of season 2?

  • Well, I’m glad they kept the same intro for starters, and I also noticed that some scenes from King’s Landing are still being shot in Malta.
  • As for the casting, I had imagined Craster a little differently – old and haggard rather than middle aged and full of strength.
  • Also, what’s with Stannis’ Scottish accent?? Or am I just dreaming?


I owe you all some updates which I’ll be working on today and during the next few day. I’ll be updating the episodes list and will be resuming regular posting.

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