What Is Dead May Never Die – Season 2 episode 3 review

by admin on April 16, 2012

With episode three out we see some ‘hurried’ connections being made for us. Renly likes Loras more than he does Loras’ sister, his own wife, Margaery. FINALLY we see Brienne, who is certainly better looking here than the books have us believe. Brienne is played by actress Gwendoline Christie. She certainly comes across as somewhat annoyingly stiff, just as in the books, so she’s certainly playing her part well there! While this is going on, Catelyn shows her mettle as a diplomat. Margaery, in the meantime, reveals herself as a very practical and rather ruthless young woman with her wits about her.




Theon Greyjoy is still trying to be accepted back at ‘home’, and is being given a rather undeserved hard time by his father and sister. This will lead him to do foolish things later on…

King’s Landing sees some high cleverness by Tyrion, who manages to weasel out the mole from within the small council, a mole which was relaying all it knew to Cersei. Tyrion feeds information, in a well-though tripe match-cut, to different members of the small council, finally discovering who was feeding information to the queen regent.


Arya and her companions are captured by some rough-looking soldiers who are heading back to Harrenhal. Nothing else is mentioned about the situation there. With Harrenhal technically owned by recently-deposed Janos Slynt, and with Petyr Baelish being promised this new hall with a nice lordship to go with it, the situation at Harrenhal can only be chaotic.


The episode is focused on moving the story forward for a select few characters, and does a brilliant job of it, with some great editing and storytelling. This is a tv-series, but it certainly can compare to some great movies out there when it comes to technique and production values.

The story continues…

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